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Smart Locker Solutions for EUROPE



Company based on automating as many activities as possible with smart lockers. We rely on the quality of our premium products, with which you will have intelligent control of your products.


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About us

High-performance tools and solutions

Our company wants to contribute to the efficiency and optimization of the processes within the collaborating companies, providing them with high-performance tools and solutions adapted to their needs, which are constantly changing.

A few traits define us: intelligence, seriousness, promptness and quality. In a word: DULIOT.COM

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Our solutions

We offer solutions for: Government Offices, Airbnb & Short Term Rentals, Facilities and Logistics, Car Dealers & Car Service, Construction group management, Auto Check-in & Check-out for Hotels, Restaurants, Fast foods, Cantinees, Cake shops and much more. View all solutions Here.

Government Offices

Ensures peace by controlling access keys to restricted areas and goods, with full visibility and full responsibility.

Airbnb & Short Term Rentals

It offers the possibility of self check-in and check-out 24/7 for customers, tracking access for cleaning staff, ensures authorized access to rental units.

Facilities and Logistics

Managing multiple staff using the same keys to ensure access at the right time by tracking them in real time.

Car Dealers & Car Service

Track all your belongings to make sure you can always make a timely sale. Provides only authorized access.

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